Modern diesel engines key to industry, Diesel Technology Forum says

The Diesel Technology Forum unleashed a new state-by-state analysis of diesel statistics in the United States, and by their estimations, it’s driving not just manufacturing, but 15 key sectors of the U.S. economy.

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“With its unmatched combination of energy density, fuel efficiency, power, and performance, the newest generation of clean diesel technology meets the increasing demands of truckers, construction companies, and farmers while also delivering lower greenhouse gas emissions and cleaner air for everyone,” Forum Executive Director Allen Schaeffer said. “This new resource makes it easy for states to recognize the important role clean diesel technology has in our country’s future.”

The resource in question determined that roughly a third of heavy-duty diesel engines were produced by U.S. companies in North Carolina and that these engines contributed to more than $455 billion in wealth from affiliated components, technologies and fuels. They also found that the diesel industry helps create 1.25 million American jobs. Diesel remains, in their estimation, the foundation of most U.S. transportation systems, contributing to 90 percent of the nation’s freight tonnage, as well as the predominant force behind public transit.

Under the new analysis, each state’s population of diesel-powered commercial trucks, marine vessels, buses, light-duty vehicles, the number of renewable fuel producers and stations, diesel fuel consumption and diesel-related manufacturing and jobs are tracked. These are paired with infographics and fact sheets.