Ohio DOT investing $2.8B into infrastructure improvements

© Ohio DOT

On Monday, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) announced it would be investing $2.8 billion into road and bridge improvement projects this year.

According to ODOT the funding will pay for 950 projects, 39 of which are classified as “major projects” with a value of over $10 million. The program also include 176 safety projects and laying nearly 5,700 miles of pavement – enough to pave a two-lane road from new York to Los Angeles. The program also includes 885 projects to repair or replace bridges across the state.

“Investing in efficient infrastructure is an investment in quality of life,” Gov. Mike DeWine said. “Once complete, these projects will significantly reduce traffic congestion and improve roadway safety.”

The projects include $30.8 million in Hancock County to improve the I-75/County Road 99 Diverging Diamond Interchange; $20.4 million in Trumbull County to improve State Route 46/SR 82 Interchange; $1.4 billion in Franklin County to improve the I-70/I-71 Downtown ramp up; $51.7 million for Montgomery County to rehabilitate I-75, and $11 million in Monroe County to rehabilitate State Route 7.

“While the orange barrels that are synonymous with summer may be a source of frustration and inconvenience for some, they are a sign of progress and improvement for all who live in Ohio and who travel through it,” said ODOT Director Jack Marchbanks, Ph.D.