First Class 8 heavy-duty electric truck crosses U.S.-Mexico border

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Bali Express and San Diego Gas & Electric announced the crossing of a Class 8 heavy-duty electric freight truck from the United States into Mexico.

The semi-truck is the first electric freight truck to make the trek into Mexico, a milestone when it comes to the binational region’s move into a net-zero future. The dedicated trucks will use a charging infrastructure installed by SDG&E designed especially for medium- to heavy-duty electric freight trucks crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

“Today marks a historic milestone in our journey toward reducing emissions and paving the way for a cleaner energy future,” Caroline Winn, Chief Executive Officer at SDG&E, said. “This new electric corridor is a great example of how collaboration can create new and innovative ways to rethink how to propel our transportation systems towards electrification.”

SDG&E’s charging infrastructure is part of the company’s Power Your Drive for Fleets program that connects fleet operators with resources and incentives to design and install charging infrastructure for medium- and heavy-duty fleets. The chargers were partially funded by a grant from the California Energy Commission’s Clean Energy Transportation Program.

The chargers were partially funded by a $200,000 grant through the California Energy Commission’s Clean Transportation Program, which has provided more than $1 billion to alternative fuel and vehicle technology projects that are designed to deliver health, environmental, and economic benefits to communities.

“To accommodate the transition to zero-emission trucks on both sides of the border, it’s critically important we have the necessary infrastructure,” California Energy Commissioner Patty Monahan said. “The California Energy Commission is helping fund projects across the state to build a better and more equitable charging infrastructure system for both cars and trucks.”