Plan details downtown Nashville improvements

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The Connect Downtown Project Team recently released its final recommendations for the Connect Downtown Action Plan, a 10-year action plan containing comprehensive multimodal improvements for downtown Nashville.

The plan’s projects, programs, and policy recommendations would be delivered in three phases.

The plan has six goals: create transportation networks that enhance the quality of life, develop an integrated mobility system that connects downtown with travel options, equal access to mobility options, expand and enhance mobility choices to manage traffic congestion, address the climate crisis, and provide a transportation system that makes it easier to do business and spend time downtown.

To achieve these goals, the plan aims to make downtown’s streets safer; prioritize buses on key corridors and increase the amount of service; develop safe, separated, and connected walking, rolling, biking, and scooting facilities; upgrade signals and improve traffic operations; and
flex the uses of the curb for deliveries, service vehicles, and passenger pick-up and drop-off.

“As the region continues to grow so does congestion and the need for greater mobility options,” said Butch Eley, deputy governor and Tennessee Department of Transportation commissioner.

The first phase of the plan will focus on short-term projects such as new signals, a Smart Loading Zone Pilot Program, and mobility lanes.