Ohio State University introduces parking management software from NuPark

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In an effort to wrangle the parking challenges brought by 94,000 students, faculty and staff, Ohio State University has brought in a new, cloud-based technology solution from provider NuPark.

The new system, under a partnership with the university’s CampusParc authority, will tackle a range of services, including gated and ungated parking, meters, online payments, permitting, and enforcement against violators. This program was developed by NuPark and parking access and revenue control systems provider TIBA, but this marks the system’s first full integration. It operates in real time, allowing CampusParc a sense of efficiency in dealing with the more than 80,000 cars that visit the university daily.

“The parking management solution we chose from NuPark integrates seamlessly and cost-effectively with current technologies, provides a user-friendly interface for staff who are managing permit sales and citation processing, and features a customer-friendly online portal where customers can perform common parking related activities efficiently and with minimal staff support,” Bob Murray, CampusParc’s chief technology officer, said.

The new parking system also holds a unique position as the first ever validation system to use a single portal for managing both plate-based and ticket-based violations. License plate recognition data has been mingled with TIBA’s gated system, which collects occupancy and plate data, allowing simultaneous coverage of fixed, mobile and gated data.