Feasibility study to ammonia ship-to-ship bunkering

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A feasibility study, to be conducted at the Port of Oakland, Port of Benicia, and nearby major ports, will examine the establishment of clean ammonia ship-to-ship bunkering on the West Coast.

The shipping industry considers ammonia to be one of the most promising alternative marine fuels to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) direct emissions. This aligns with the revised International Maritime Organization strategy to reach net-zero emissions from international shipping “close to” 2050 on a life-cycle basis.

Five partners signed the agreement to conduct the study: CALAMCO will study ammonia loading operations from CALAMCO Ammonia terminal to Ammonia Bunkering Articulated Tug-Barge. American Bureau of Shipping will conduct risk assessment of ammonia StS bunkering and will coordinate with relevant authorities to establish port regulations and operational guidelines. Fleet Management Limited will work on the development of safe and reliable ammonia bunkering procedures. Sumitomo Corp. will structure, integrate and promote the end-to-end supply chain of green/blue ammonia, which includes sourcing, transportation, storage and bunkering. TOTE Services will develop safe and reliable ammonia bunkering procedures.

The study will utilize CALAMCO’s existing ammonia storage terminal at the Port of Stockton as a first step toward wide adoption of ammonia.

Ammonia is a toxic substance, so safety assessments are critical to formulate standards.