Bus priority lanes open in Los Angeles

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In late March, 5.6 miles of new bus priority lanes opened on Sepulveda Boulevard in Los Angeles as part of ongoing efforts to save transit customers time and increase the reliability of bus service.

The new lanes will move 50,000 riders weekly and are expected to improve bus speeds by at least 15 percent and increase service frequency.

The city now has approximately 51 miles of bus priority lanes. An additional 46 miles will be implemented over the next year.

“Metro bus service along this busy corridor is nearly at pre-pandemic levels averaging 50,000 boardings a week in 2023,” Los Angeles Metro CEO Stephanie Wiggins said. “With the addition of bus priority lanes on Sepulveda Boulevard, riders will enjoy a faster and more reliable transit service that will save them valuable time. Metro thanks the City of LA for their partnership on this project, and we look forward to installing even more of these bus priority lanes in the year ahead.”

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass also recently announced that the city had received $900 million in federal funding for infrastructure. Plans include expanding the Metro Rail system and reconnecting communities in preparation for the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games.