Remark AI launches AI-powered aviation safety platform

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On Tuesday, Remark Holdings, Inc., a global artificial intelligence-powered technology company, announced the release of its Large Multimodal Modem (LMM) AI-powered Aviation Safety Platform (ASP).

The ASP was developed, Remark AI said, to safely reduce inspection times associated with aircraft engine maintenance, as well as to provide anti-collision tools for aircraft towing and other functionalities. The platform has been adopted and implemented by a top 10 global airline, the company said, after 18 months of rigorous testing.

“Having first launched Remark AI’s Railway and now Aviation Safety Platforms, it speaks to the strength of the multi-modal AI platform. We will launch our Safety Platform for Marine and Sea shortly, completing Remark AI’s comprehensive logistics and transportation offerings. With our recently announced partnership with Microsoft, we are pleased to offer our commercial applications to their customers through Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace,” Kai-Shing Tao, Chief Executive Officer of Remark Holdings, said.

Given the current safety inspection failures and supply chain disruptions experienced by Boeing, a natural demand exists for AI to improve safety performance by maintenance crews, the company said. Additionally, recent sales and marketing distribution agreements with Microsoft Azure will help speed deployment and adoption, the company said. The platform uses a large multimodal model to provide functionalities in three essential components – an engine inspection kit; and aircraft towing anti-collision system, and a large multimodal model for business intelligence and reporting.