Contractor selected for Tennessee highway project

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The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) recently awarded a contact to Jones Bros., a Tennessee-based contractor, for the Interstate 65 widening project. Jones Bros. had the lowest bid at $160 million.

The 9.68-mile widening project is just north of Nashville in Robertson County and will run from near State Route 25 to near State Route 109. Improvements include adding an additional travel lane in each direction, adding 17 retaining walls, replacing four overpasses, replacing or widening 10 bridges, converting the northbound weigh station into truck parking, and installing Intelligent Transportation System facilities throughout corridor.

“I-65 is a major north to south corridor serving many communities,” Clay Bright, TDOT commissioner, said. “This work will address congestion, improve safety and traffic operations, and accommodate current and future traffic demands.”

The project is the largest in TDOT history, surpassing the $152 million I-440 Reconstruction project. There are financial incentives in the contract for finishing early and penalties for any delays.

Construction is scheduled to begin this month and be completed in or before December 2025. TDOT plans to release more information regarding the construction schedule soon.

Temporary lane closures and rolling roadblocks will be made at night or on weekends whenever possible.