MBTA completes E Branch improvements

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Massachusetts Transportation Secretary and CEO Jamey Tesler and Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority General Manager Steve Poftak joined community and business members in the Thea and James M. Stoneman Centennial Park to announce the completion of the E Branch Accelerated Improvements Tuesday.

The E Branch had been closed during the month of August to accelerate construction, and was completed one day ahead of schedule, in time for regular service to resume on Sunday, August 29.

Authorities said that in 27 days, construction crews were able to renew 4,600 feet of track, improve 10 pedestrian crossings and upgrade the intersection of Huntington Avenue with Tremont Street and Francis Street.

“We appreciate the work done by the Green Line E Branch improvement project crews as they have delivered on the MBTA’s commitment to aggressively complete capital projects that are vital to improving safety and service for riders, pedestrians, and local communities,” Tesler said. “In spite of continued challenges brought about by the pandemic and additional weather issues this summer, the MBTA has repaired and replaced core infrastructure, track, signals, and power ahead of schedule and along one of Boston’s busiest traffic corridors.”

As part of the Green Line Transformation program’s ongoing track renewal plan, construction crews accessed the E Branch Line night and day to speed up the process and accomplish a year’s worth of night and weekend work in less than a month, officials said. The accelerated approach saved months of disruption and allowed for a more efficient use of resources, providing safety and reliability improvements to reach consumers quicker.

“Working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, crews battled heat and a near-hurricane, and still were able to exceed the planned improvements and finish ahead of schedule,” Poftak said. “From planning through construction, our Green Line Transformation team worked closely with community organizations like Mission Hill Main Streets and with local officials and stakeholders in the Longwood Medical Area to mitigate the impacts of construction while delivering improvements that will better serve the community for years to come. We appreciate the patience of our riders and Green Line neighbors as we accelerated this work to improve safety and reliability for all who are served by the E Branch.”