Poll assesses public support of electric vehicle usage, policies

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A recently released Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) national poll results determined the public broadly supports electric vehicle (EV) usage and potential policies designed to spur industry investments.

“We need to power up our economy and combat the climate crisis simultaneously, and electric vehicles are a great place to start,” said Elizabeth Gore, Environmental Defense Fund senior vice president for Political Affairs. “With serious investments from governments and automakers, we can create good-paying jobs by boosting our electric vehicle manufacturing and updating our vehicle infrastructure by adding charging stations. This polling shows that investments in electric vehicles are good policy and good politics, as voters see the benefits to boost the economy while protecting public health and reducing air pollution.”

The EDF poll found that nearly two-thirds of voters support domestic automakers transitioning to zero-emission vehicles. Concerning legislative priorities, 62 percent of poll respondents support providing grants to school districts to purchase zero-emission school buses.

Additionally, 57 percent of poll participants support expanding tax incentives and point of sale vouchers for zero-emission cars and trucks, while 58 percent back increasing investment in domestic manufacturing of electric vehicles, batteries, and component parts.

The EDF indicated the poll results showed voters believe the shift to electric vehicles will be mostly positive, with the most benefits being seen in people’s health, as well as less air pollution.