Flight cancellations down from year before, DOT report reveals

The U.S. Department of Transportation recently released the April 2017 Air Travel Consumer Report, which revealed that reporting carriers canceled 1.5 percent of their scheduled domestic flights in February 2017.

The reported percentage is an improvement over the 1.6 percent cancellation rate in February 2016 as well as the 2.0 percent cancellation rate in January 2017. Reporting carriers also posted an on-time arrival rate of 82.6 percent in February 2017, which was down from the 83.6 percent on-time rate in February 2016, but up from the 76.0 percent rate in January 2017.

Other data presented in the report included tarmac delays, chronically delayed flights, causes of flight delays filed with the department’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics, statistics on mishandled baggage reports filed by consumers to reporting airlines, service complaints, as well as animal control and injury during air transport.

In addition to the consumer report, the Transportation Department also launched a new airline passenger microsite that details travelers’ rights.