Foss Maritime ships 500-600 utility trucks to Puerto Rico

As part of ongoing efforts to restore electricity in Puerto Rico, Foss Maritime shipped 500-600 bucket trucks, line trucks, pickups, aerial lifts, skid-steer loaders, digger derricks, and pull trailers to the U.S. territory last week.

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The utility vehicles were provided by a coalition of 19 U.S. electric companies that pledged mutual assistance to the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority. Over three months after Hurricane Maria devastated the island, more than 1.5 million residents are still without power.

“This movement of hundreds of utility trucks is part of a comprehensive mobilization effort to get needed equipment to the island so utility crews can begin restoring power for the people of Puerto Rico,” Will Roberts, the chief commercial officer at Foss Maritime, said. “Foss is proud to be part of those efforts and continues to be at the ready as needs arise.”

It will take an estimated 10 days for the barge to arrive in Puerto Rico. Utility companies plan to fly hundreds of line workers and other employees to the U.S. territory after the barge arrives.

Foss Maritime has been working on the recovery effort since October. Working under contract with FEMA, the company sent three accommodation vessels and more than 100 employees to Puerto Rico. Foss vessels have served as “floating hotels” for hundreds of first responders there.