Delta carried nearly 6 million people over holiday season, set performance record

Delta hit the holidays strong this past year, with more than 55,000 flights, nearly 6 million customers, and a 99.85 percent completion factor of flight schedule versus flights flown between Dec. 21, 2017 and Jan. 1, 2018.

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It is a record-setting series of figures, that came with not a single mainline flight cancellation. It also ended an already banner year for them on a high note, as Delta served more than 192 million customers over the course of the year. That, too, was a record–one that saw customers delivered across the globe.

“Through the hard work and relentless dedication of our employees, Delta endeavors to be the world’s most reliable airline—getting our customers where they want to go safely and with minimal disruption, even during some of the busiest times of the year,” Delta COO Gil West said. “Ending yet another year with record-setting performance is a testament to the hard work of all 80,000 Delta employees, who continue to demonstrate what sets Delta apart.”

The airline also managed to go 242 days over the course of 2017 without any mainline cancellations, an increase of one day over 2016. When looking at the combined mainline and Delta Connection operation, the airline went 90 days without a cancellation, an increase of 81 days over 2016.