PORT NOLA exports second oil platform component to Trinidad

The Port of New Orleans recently exported the second of five heavy-lift oil platform components to Trinidad. The components will be shipped through 2019.

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The port partnered with construction company Chet Morrison Contractors and shipping company Intermarine for the project.

The first piece shipped in August. It was an oil platform manufactured by Chet Morrison in Louisiana.

This month’s piece, the top side deck, also was manufactured by Chet Morrison and was transported by Intermarine.

“The Port of New Orleans is proud to collaborate with our long-time shipping line partner Intermarine to be able to provide the most efficient international shipping option for a Louisiana-made product,” Brandy Christian, port president and CEO, said. “This partnership bodes well for the Port’s diverse capabilities and carrier options, as well as our homegrown manufacturers’ ability to compete globally.”

The next shipment, another platform, and deck, will leave New Orleans in March.

Chet Morrison provides construction, maintenance, and abandonment services for the oil and gas industry. It has shipped its components exclusively with Intermarine for more than 15 years.

A $1.75 million Maritime Administration grant helped establish a container-on-barge shuttle serving New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Memphis in 2016. The Trump Administration promises more federal funding for marine infrastructure.