UPS implements eBike for package delivery in Florida

UPS has launched a unique new vehicle for package delivery in Florida: an electrically-assisted tricycle meant to help the city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, achieve its sustainability goals.

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The eBike was launched this week in a ribbon cutting ceremony at Laura Ward Riverwalk Plaza. The goal of the new mode of transportation is to reduce carbon emissions and noise in the area, reduce traffic congestions, and boost air quality. Mayor John Seiler has lauded the move, saying the city was proud to collaborate with UPS on the launch and will help make the city safer and healthier for all involved.

“This is another example of how private and public sectors can work together to find sustainable solutions to meet the needs of today’s cities,” Scott Phillippi, UPS’s senior director of maintenance and engineering, international operations, said. “We have many vehicle options when it comes to reducing our impact on the environment including our Cycle Solutions that provide greater mobility and zero emissions.”

The eBike uses a battery-powered electric motor to carry riders much further than traditional bikes typically allow. It also improves their load support and their ability to navigate variable terrain. Naturally, pedal power still factors in, and the bikes truly achieve their maximum capability when the electric power is combined with the rider’s own momentum. UPS hopes to make use of the vehicle year-round in Florida, weather permitting.

Such efforts have already proven successful overseas. UPS debuted the eBike in Hamburg, Germany, back in 2012–a program that ended up being extended and serves as a prototype for other operations.