Launch of Migo search engine provides on-demand rides in Seattle and Portland

Funneling the growing list of transportation companies into one app, the Migo search engine has launched a new ride search, comparison and hailing program for Seattle and Portland.

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“Seattle and Portland are hotbeds for testing new transportation services and models, like car share, ride share, carpooling, bikes and taxi services,” Jeff Warren, founder and CEO of Migo, said. “Migo was designed to help residents first discover and then easily choose their best ride option – whether that means closest, cheapest, most environmentally friendly or simply the coolest option to get from place to place, and with the rapidly expanding populations of both Seattle and Portland, we see Migo as a key partner to help keep the cities moving.”

To date, personal transportation companies like Lyft, Car2Go and the Seattle Yellow Cab make use of a variety of smartphone apps for quick hailing. However, following a three month testing period, Migo aims to set itself apart by allowing for all of these various personal transportation companies to be summoned on a single app. It provides real-time data, price estimates and wait/walk time.

The program is currently geared toward the iPhone, but it is working on Android capabilities, as well as other markets. It targeted Seattle and Portland first for their roles in the White House Smart Cities Initiatives, which was designed to help cities find eco-friendly transportation options that positively utilize their resources and infrastructure.