Amazon site earns Zero Carbon Certification

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The International Living Future Institute (ILFI) recently awarded SCA5, one of Amazon’s Same-Day Delivery sites in Sacramento, with a Zero Carbon Certification.

Certification is for lower-carbon buildings. In order to be certified, a building must be powered 100 percent by renewable energy, achieve energy and embodied carbon reduction targets, and implement carbon neutralization.

“We are proud to celebrate this accomplishment with Amazon and the team of dedicated individuals who made SCA5 the first fulfillment center in North America to receive our ambitious Zero Carbon Certification,” Lindsay Baker, ILFI CEO, said. “This project sets a new high bar for construction projects in its class around the world. Committed companies like Amazon can drive the decarbonization of the building industry and show other companies how to act now to reduce supply chain carbon emissions.”

SCA5 is the first fulfillment center or logistics site in North America to receive the certification, and the building met energy efficiency performance targets over 12 consecutive months.

The building was constructed with lower carbon concrete and recycled asphalt, a white roof, a fully electrified HVAC system, smart irrigation systems that sense moisture and rain, and high-efficiency motors, low-friction belts, and low-friction rollers. Amazon recently installed solar panels.