New York project will renew 60 miles of pavement

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The New York Department of Transportation recently began a two-year, $18.3 million project to renew 60 lane miles of pavement in Nassau and Suffolk counties.

The project will enhance public safety by improving driving conditions.

Work includes replacing the existing road surfaces with two inches of new asphalt, and applying lane markings and crosswalks with reflective pavement markings.

“With every investment we make in our infrastructure, we are enhancing public safety and providing a better quality of life for people across Long Island,” Gov. Kathy Hochul said. “Since day one, I have prioritized improving the durability of Long Island highways – we’ve seen the results already from the Long Island Expressway to the Northern State Parkway – and these projects continue our commitment to safe transportation for all.”

Major construction will begin this month and will complete at three locations in Suffolk County by the end of the year. Work will take place during off-peak hours. Two locations in Nassau County are scheduled to begin in 2025.

The project uses funding from the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

The department has invested more than $250 million to renew approximately 850 miles of state roads across Long Island in recent years.