Amtrak, NJ TRANSIT taking action following recent service interruptions

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Amtrak and NJ TRANSIT have formed a joint plan to address several major service disruptions in recent months in the Northeast Corridor in New Jersey and New York Penn Station.

There have also been smaller incidents that reduced reliability.

The plan will focus on the examination, inspection, maintenance, and improvement of Amtrak infrastructure, including the electric traction system, the catenary, signals, and switches; and NJ TRANSIT’s equipment, including the pantograph system that connects to the catenary.

The agencies will regularly report detailing efforts and progress, and will evaluate other methods to identify conditions and make repairs before service disruptions occur. After the causes of the disruptions and incidents is identified, the agencies will seek additional resources if necessary.

Specific actions include:

Workers will conduct catenary and track inspections of the approximately 170 track miles between Trenton and New York City to identify catenary issues that could cause pantograph damage.

NJ TRANSIT, with Amtrak’s assistance, will visually inspection all pantographs. High-resolution cameras also will inspect the pantographs.

The helicopter catenary inspection and repair program was expanded. Photos taken of the system, catenary structures, and their components are inspected o to identify items for repair.

The agencies will confer with industry experts to assist with cause analysis and the development of solutions.