Michigan Infrastructure Council launches online planning tool

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The Michigan Infrastructure Council (MIC) recently launched its MIC Project Portal 2.0 (MiDIG), an online tool for infrastructure planning.

MiDIG facilitates streamlined infrastructure planning by providing a cloud-based platform for collaborative project management between public and private infrastructure asset managers early in the project cycle. This approach minimizes disruption and cost associated with infrastructure projects by coordinating the installation of various utility lines during a single construction cycle.

The tool integrates data from diverse sources and displays it on a geospatial map. It can identify potential conflicts and overlaps between projects at an early stage.

The tool uses technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and geographic information systems.

“MiDIG is a powerful new addition to Michigan’s infrastructure toolbox,” Beverly Watts, MIC council member, said. “This innovative platform will make it easier and more affordable to complete essential projects in our communities, like fixing roads and bridges, improving stormwater management, and upgrading utilities. By working together today, we can create sustainable infrastructure systems for generations to come. MiDIG will be a critical piece in this work.”

MIC also offers the free Asset Management Champions program to infrastructure owners. The program aims to establish a network of individuals and organizations that help strengthen and advocate for best practice asset management.