Pennsylvania officials discuss how governor’s budget supports public transit

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Pennsylvania officials and business leaders discussed at the recent Pennsylvania Public Transportation Association (PPTA) how Gov. Josh Shapiro’s budget proposal supports public transit.

The proposal would provide transit with an additional $282.8 million through an additional 1.75 percent of the Pennsylvania Sales Tax being deposited into the Public Transportation Trust Fund.

In Pennsylvania, 64 percent of the people who use fixed-route services have no alternate means of transportation. Fixed route rail service is available in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, fixed route bus service is available in 49 counties, and shared ride service is available in 67 counties.

“Public transit doesn’t just get seniors to medical appointments and bring people to work – the overall industry making the products and vehicles transit providers need is an important part of Pennsylvania’s economy,” Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Secretary Mike Carroll said.

“Transit means business and jobs for Pennsylvanians. Transit agencies across PA employ 17,000 people directly,” PPTA Executive Director Shawna Jones said. “Our procurement of goods and services also supports jobs in Pennsylvania. And beyond creating jobs, public transportation provides others access to jobs, which also contributes to Pennsylvania’s economy.”

From 2018 to 2023, PPTA association members procured $2.5 billion in goods and services from Pennsylvania companies.