PITT OHIO to use AI-enabled platform for supply chain/logistics improvement

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PITT OHIO announced Tuesday it will deploy Maven, a cloud-based operations software, to help with P&D dispatching, driver workflow, line haul, and ELD/telematics across its 1,700-truck fleet.

The AI-enabled platform will help improve operational efficiency, the company said, while optimizing the driver and customer experience. PITT OHIO said Maven provided a significantly better experience with grid and map interfaces and productivity-enhancing tools, allowing its dispatchers to rearrange stops and message drivers quickly. The company said it also expects the driver-to-dispatch ratio to improve, as well as fuel efficiency. Maven’s performance data will be used for driver and employee coaching, the company said.

“Our standards are extremely high, and Maven provides best-in-class technology for LTL, allowing us to run a safer, more profitable fleet,” Chuck Hammel III, president of PITT OHIO, said. “Maven is helping us improve the customer experience with reduced claims and a happy, safe fleet of drivers, and the benefits will multiply from here.”

The company said drivers and customers would also benefit from the platform’s location data and geofencing. Some features, like automatic lunch breaks, will improve driver safety and compliance, while the app’s ease of use will help drivers simplify tasks so they can spend less time on their devices.

“Maven’s modernized LTL platform is providing PITT OHIO’s employees with instant access to crucial information, enabling quicker and better decision-making,” Brad Caven, vice president of operations at PITT OHIO, said. “Drivers and dispatchers are thrilled with Maven’s easy-to-use and dependable solutions, and deployment and adoption have been quick. The next group of users are very excited to go live.”