New supply chain solution connects carriers in minutes instead of weeks

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Supply chain visibility company FourKites announced Wednesday it had launched a new solution that would accelerate the carrier connectivity process from hours or days to minutes.

The solution, FourKites Connect, allows any carrier or broker to connect to FourKites through a highly secure workflow, eliminating the manual carrier onboarding process, the company said. This allows shippers and their carrier partners to enjoy higher quality, more accurate data insights, along with a one-stop shop where brokers and carriers can manage asset assignments.

“As ELDs have become the industry standard, the need to connect to them effortlessly and with a high degree of trust has become a necessity,” David Broering, President of Integrated Logistics Solutions at NFI, said. “FourKites Connect is the solution we’ve been waiting for to help quickly onboard new carriers at the ELD level, sparing their drivers the effort and pain associated with app-based tracking.”

According to the company, demand for real-time visibility continues to grow in response to supply volatility. FourKites provides companies with a tool that provides insight into the status of partnerships while delivering industry-leading data – including predictive estimates of arrival times. The Connect program also allows shippers and brokers to scale operations, onboarding thousands of carriers from one central platform that accommodates less-than-truckload carriers.

“Real-time visibility is a critical tool in providing a seamless delivery experience to our customers,” said Jillian Bourbina, Global Business Process Expert at Dow. “FourKites Connect empowers us to review the health of our carrier integrations and identify opportunities for improvements. We are excited to scale visibility throughout our broad carrier network and provide our customers with real-time tracking and predictive ETAs.”

FourKites tracks more than 3 million shipments daily across road, rail, ocean, air, parcel, and last mile, the company said, reaching over 200 countries and territories and providing services to more than 1,200 of the world’s most recognized brands.