Advisory council to advocate for new supply chain initiative

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SEMI, the global electronics manufacturing and design supply chain association, announced Tuesday that some of its members had formed an industry advisory council to advance a new supply chain management initiative.

The group’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) Initiative will work toward advancing an agile and resilient global electronics supply chain, SEMI said. The advisory council within the group will work to develop solutions that will help SEMI members withstand supply chain disruptions and make proactive decisions to protect businesses and supplier networks.

Founding members of the Industry Advisory Council include representatives from DHL, Infineon, Google, Intel, KLA, Merck, and TSMC. Additionally, DHL, McKinsey & Company, and Resilinc will work to accelerate and scale the initiative. The council will set its priorities and deliverables in 2023 and then meet at least quarterly to ensure the SCM initiative is on track to meet those goals. The council said it will expand to up to 20 members across a diverse range of segments and geographies.

“Geopolitical, natural, and other global electronics supply chain disruptions in recent years have made clear the time is now to better prepare for future crises,” said Bettina Weiss, Chief of Staff and Corporate Strategy at SEMI. “Industry Advisory Council founding members will immediately begin to define priorities, objectives, and strategies for the SEMI Supply Chain Management Initiative that lead to actions aimed at strengthening continuity across the entire value chain and supporting semiconductor industry growth.”

The council’s objectives include establishing global and regional councils, creating platforms for information exchange, conducting quarterly SCM pulse surveys to stay current on industry trends, establishing conventions for SCM visibility, and developing an SCM roadmap to 2025 and beyond for key supply chain segments.