New York plans to increase, expand city transit

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The New York 2023 State of the State contains a series of actions to expand New York City’s transit and make it safer, more affordable, and more accessible.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) City Ticket, which provides Metro-North and Long Island Railroad customers with low-cost, flat fares to travel within the city during off-peak hours, will be expanded to include peak hours. The expansion will benefit more than 10,000 trips on an average weekday. Before the change, peak-hour rail travel could cost as much as $10.75.

The Interborough Express project will move forward. The project will connect communities in Brooklyn and Queens to 17 subway lines and the Long Island Rail Road along a 14-mile corridor. It will use the existing right-of-way of the Bay Ridge Branch and Fremont Secondary, a freight rail line running from Bay Ridge to Jackson Heights.

“Moving forward with Light Rail for the Interborough Express means better access to jobs, education, and economic opportunities for some 900,000 New Yorkers in Queens and Brooklyn,” MTA Chairman and CEO Janno Lieber said.

The Innovative Mobility Initiative, a five-year pilot program, will provide $10 million in funds to non-MTA transit authorities seeking to expand service offerings.