NOVA Chemicals launches new recycled resin

© NOVA Chemicals

Calgary, Alberta, Canada-based NOVA Chemicals launched this week a new line of mechanically recycled polyethylene resin to help its customers meet their sustainability goals.

The resin, EX-PCR-NC4, contains 100 percent post-consumer recycled polyethylene (rPE) and offers versatile design flexibility without compromising package performance in applications like shrink, e-commerce, heavy-duty sacks, and protective packaging, the company said.

“Through customer trials and applications development at our Center for Performance Applications in Calgary, we have successfully incorporated our new rPE resin in various end-use format,” said Anna Rajkovic, NOVA Chemicals Circular Economy Market Manager. “We’re excited to commercialize this resin and build a more sustainable polyethylene portfolio for our customers and brand owners.”

Using rPE sourced from distribution center flexible film, the company said it processes the materials into recycled resin using state-of-the-art technology that results in a low-odor, consistent and stable product. The recycled resin helps realize a fully circular plastics economy for flexible film, the company said.

“Our new rPE product line is the definition of a win-win. It provides converters and brand owners with a more sustainable packaging solution without compromising overall quality or strength. And, by utilizing rPE, we’re diverting plastic waste from landfills while also enabling a fully-recyclable new product: a true demonstration of circularity,” said Alan Schrob, NOVA Chemicals Mechanical Recycling Director.