FAA updates Airport Design circular

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The Federal Aviation Administration recently updated its advisory circular on airport design to restructure the document, expand the information in certain chapters, explain the meaning of terms used, and add graphics to support communication.

The circular provides guidance to airport sponsors and airport consultants on designing and developing airports. It outlines the FAA’s recommended standards for an acceptable level of safety, efficiency, and capacity when designing and implementing projects at airports to meet the requirements of Federal Aviation Regulation, Part 139 Certification of Airports.

Any airport sponsor that receives federal funding through the Airport Improvement Program and the Passenger Facility Charge Program must comply with the advisory circular.

“The advisory circular provides a critical roadmap for the aviation industry when planning, designing, and developing the nation’s airports,” Shannetta R. Griffin, FAA associate administrator of airports, said. “This update contains the latest information the industry needs as we work collaboratively to build safe, sustainable, and accessible airport infrastructure to safely transport passengers, goods, and services.”

The changes go into effect immediately. The circular was previously updated in September 2012.

The FAA also recently extended its zero tolerance policy for unruly passengers and will enforce it for at least as long as the mask mandate for airplane passengers continues.