Alaska airport sets new air cargo record

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Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC) personnel said the more than 3.48 million tons of air cargo that landed at the airport last year established a new record.

The number represented a 16 percent increase over the record-setting volumes in 2019, per authorities.

“The tremendous surge in cargo volumes through ANC has been fueled by an increase in e-commerce, PPE, and displaced belly cargo,” Airport Director Jim Szczesniak said. “The pandemic has left an indelible mark on the e-commerce landscape, accelerating market growth—reaching numbers not forecast to be seen in the U.S. for another two years. We expect our cargo numbers to remain strong into 2021; as the air cargo industry continues to recognize the benefits and efficiencies of ANC; as e-commerce shopping becomes routine; as international travel restrictions continue to displace belly cargo.”

ANC is home to more than 200 wide-body freighter operations daily, noting at least 28 wide-body cargo carriers connect ANC to more than 50 destinations globally.

“We continue to grow the benefits of utilizing ANC for our existing cargo customers and to attract new customers,” Szczesniak said.
“We have more than $1 billion of private air cargo development proposed for ANC, Alaska Cargo and Cold Storage recently executed a lease for their new 700,000 square foot facility.”

Szczesniak said an advanced cold storage facility adjacent to aircraft parking positions allows shippers to take advantage of the volumes of cargo capacity available to Asia – noting perishables from North America and South America can be dispatched from Alaska to numerous destinations in Asia.