Colorado initiative to fund Safer Main Streets projects

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Colorado state officials said the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) have earmarked $58.9 million to fund Safer Main Streets projects.

The 30 transportation improvements in the Denver and Boulder regions were identified after an exhaustive review process, resulting in support of vibrant downtowns boosting the Colorado economy in conjunction with a commitment to prioritizing main street funding.

“This collaboration between CDOT & DRCOG has produced creative, innovative projects that will reduce traffic delays and increase transportation access and options for Coloradans,” Polis said. “The Safer Main Streets program is a great opportunity for local governments and the state to work together to ensure we are successfully serving their communities.”

The Safer Main Streets program was established last summer as part of the state’s 10-year plan developed with input from citizens in all 64 counties. Local governments were asked to submit their best and most creative solutions to reduce fatal and serious injury crashes, increase support for all travel modes, and improve access and mobility for residents of all ages, incomes, and abilities.

“CDOT is grateful for the tremendous partnership — including federal, state, and local governments — that has made this innovative program possible,” CDOT Executive Director Shoshana Lew said. “This first-ever round of Safer Main Street projects will yield tangible benefits for the safety, environment, and economic vitality of communities across the Denver metropolitan area. Driven by the creativity of our local partners, impacts will range from re-envisioning stretches of Colfax in multiple jurisdictions to enhancing pedestrian access to transit facilities like the new N line station in Commerce City, to making crosswalks safer for everyone.”