Manufacturers, freight businesses assess MnDOT report

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Manufacturers and freight-related businesses have weighed in on a recently released Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) report the agency said is designed to guide transportation efforts and better serve those industries.

Manufacturers’ Perspectives on Minnesota’s Transportation System – District 3 Central Minnesota offers insight via 126 interviews conducted with manufacturers, freight carriers, and other related industries – providing open dialogue for MnDOT to learn more about the priorities of organizations supporting manufacturing jobs in the state’s central corridor.

“I’d like to thank the businesses that participated in the study,” Mike Ginnaty, district engineer for MnDOT District 3, said. “They discussed a range of transportation concerns. As a result, the district has and will continue to identify opportunities to address those concerns with short-term, lower-cost actions whenever possible, through maintenance, operational traffic changes like signal timing, and with the scheduled improvements included in MnDOT’s four-year construction program.”

Interview topics included passing lanes, intersections, operations and maintenance, construction and congestion, with MnDOT indicating the effort would help build relationships to better align the transportation system with shippers’ needs while also supporting continual improvement through ongoing input from the manufacturing segment.

MnDOT has completed eight Manufacturers’ Perspectives studies statewide, and the agency noted the studies, which are based on district locations, ensure quality feedback from manufacturers, carriers, and industry associates statewide.