FAA advocates implementation of electronic pilot database

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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently proposed the use of an electronic Pilot Records Database as a means of achieving an increased level of aviation safety.

The rulemaking request published last week in the Federal Register establishes a new database providing potential employers with swift access to a pilot’s performance and employment records, expediting the amount of time for prospective employers to review information from 30 days to less than an hour.

“As a commercial pilot and former airline executive, I know the importance of this data in making sure that air carriers hire only those pilots that meet the standards the American people expect,” FAA Administrator Stephen M. Dickson said. “Quick access to this information allows them to make more informed hiring decisions.”

The proposed guidance facilitates the sharing of records relevant to a pilot’s qualifications before an air carrier decides to hire that pilot. The database includes information on medical conditions, employment history, flying records, and types of aircraft pilots are qualified to operate.

The Pilot Records Database meets all federal privacy laws and congressional requirements, according to the FAA, which noted the system had undergone significant development and testing.

The notice of proposed rulemaking provides 90 days from the date of publication for public comment.