Nevada to consider transportation electrification efforts

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Nevada decision-makers and statewide transportation industry leaders gathered recently for the Nevada Transportation Electrification Forum to discuss transportation electrification and its potential benefits.

The session, hosted by Plug In America, Southwest Energy Efficiency Program (SWEEP) and Clark County, stemmed from the state’s desire to address greenhouse gas emissions and unhealthy air pollution in the transportation sector.

Representatives from state agencies, local governments, chambers of commerce, casinos, universities, electric utilities, solar companies, building associations, auto dealerships, and non-profit associations were among those in attendance.

“Nevada and the electric vehicle economy are inextricably linked,” Joel Levin, executive director for Plug In America, said. “From drivers to manufacturers to ratepayers, electric vehicles are for everyone, and the benefits accrue to all Nevadans. This Forum brings electric makes and models at varying price points to the event and gives attendees a chance to test drive the newest electric cars and learn about the advantages of these vehicles, from fuel savings to lower maintenance costs to a zippy, quiet ride.”

Attendees learned about the success Nevada has already achieved in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in other areas and were involved in the process of charting a path toward further environmental and economic progress through an electrified transportation future.

“As a business-friendly state, Nevada can support all of its industries through investment in our transportation infrastructure,” Kristopher Sanchez, from the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, said. “Many companies want to transition to all-electric fleets for cost savings and access convenient charging stations and affordable, clean transit options for customers and employees. The Transportation Electrification Forum laid the groundwork for better transportation to support Nevada’s workforce and diversify our economy.”