ALPA names new general manager

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Pilot union Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA), recently named David Krieger as general manager, the organization’s most senior position.

Krieger’s term began Jan. 1, and his tasks include administrative functions and working directly with pilot leadership on financial needs and strategic planning.

“Over his past 20 years at ALPA, Dave has earned the trust and respect of pilots and staff and will be a thoughtful and effective leader,” ALPA President Capt. Joe DePete said. “Dave has the full support of ALPA’s leadership team and is well-positioned to take over as general manager.”

Krieger had served as ALPA’s managing director since 2014. In that role, he was responsible for the oversight of economic, financial, labor-agreement operational, and statistical analyses.

In other news, ALPA is urging President Donald Trump to end the partial government shutdown before it affects airline safety.

Air traffic controllers, airspace system maintenance personnel and Transportation Security Administration agents are working during the shutdown without pay, causing significant financial hardship, DePete said.

The Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Transportation are both regulators and service providers, DePete wrote in a letter to Trump. When either agency is hampered, it puts efficiency, security, and safety at risk, he wrote.