MTA approves new toll rates for Central Business District

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The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Board recently approved the Central Business District toll rates.

Under the new rates, passenger vehicles and small commercial vehicles paying with a valid E-ZPass will be charged $15 during the day and $3.75 at night to enter the congestion relief zone in Manhattan below 60th Street. They will not be charged more than once daily.

Trucks and some buses will be charged either $24 or $36 during the day and either $6 or $9 at night.

Motorcycles will be charged $7.50 during the day and $1.75 at night.

Yellow taxi, green cab and black car passengers will be charged a $1.25 toll for every trip to, from, within or through the zone.

App-based for-hire vehicle customers will pay $2.50.

Qualifying authorized emergency vehicles, vehicles carrying people with disabilities, specialized government vehicles, buses providing scheduled commuter services open to the public, school buses contracted with the NYC Department of Education, and commuter vans licensed with the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission will be exempt.

Low-income vehicle owners will receive a 50 percent discount. Low-income drivers living in the Central Business District will qualify for a tax credit.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority serves 15.3 million people in two states.